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    Do It Yourself
    Tread Covers

    Our one piece tread and trim construction and custom sized pieces make it easy for you to complete your own stair remodel. All items shown are available in other types of wood and different sizing. Illustrated installation instructions complete with a list of needed tools come with each set of tread and riser covers. We are happy to provide personal telephone assistance and advice at our toll free number 1-877-987-8247.

    The end caps shown are available in a variety of species, including cherry, hickory and alder. Let us know what your remodel needs are. All treads and trim are solid hardwood; risers are 1/4" hardwood veneer plywood.
    Tread/Riser "Caps" with corner cover
    5 pc. set
    Red Oak $45.99/set
    Maple $48.99/set
    Brazilian Cherry (Shown) $56.99/set
    Walnut $58.99/set
    Tread/Riser "Cap" with corner cover
    OPEN ONE SIDE 6" to 8" L x 11 1/2"W
    3 pc. set
    Red Oak (Shown) $28.99/set
    Maple $30.99/set
    Brazilian Cherry $33.99/set
    Walnut $37.99/set
    Tread/Riser "Cap"
    FOR CLOSED STAIR 4" to 6"Lx11 1/2"W
    2 pc. set, 2 SETS NEEDED PER TREAD
    Red Oak $20.99/set
    Maple $22.99/set
    Brazilian Cherry $23.99/set
    Walnut (Shown) $27.99/set